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Bon bini

We are The Hendriks a dynamic, creative, and innovative couple.
We believe that one of our purposes in life is to influence the consumer market through our businesses positively.

Our tastory

My wife and I like to add variation to our diet but to add variation you need options. What if we can incorporate plant-based meat into our diet? This was the question that motivated us to go on a journey to find food alternatives and foods to variate our diet. Our journey was rather short. It began and ended with my aunt Claudette Roosberg, who has been a vegan for more than 30 years.

Through the years she has been very creative in the kitchen developing, cooking, and inventing many delicious dishes which were prepared with seitan. Inspired by my aunt, we started making our seitan at home while experimenting with different seasonings but also mixing it with different beans, nuts, and grains.
“ The whole world is in the process of eating less meat or transitioning to a more plant-based diet ”

We appreciate

We provide quality food products.
We are all about expressing and sharing positivity and happiness.
We are transparent.
We are committed to delivering and providing excellent customer service.

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