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1. Definitions

In these general terms and conditions, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
1.1. The Hendrik's Tasty: The company The Hendrik's Tasty located in Leiderdorp, registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce number: 83127240;
1.2. Consumer: The person who is not acting in the practice of a profession or business and has a distance contract with The Hendrik's Tasty;
1.3. Entrepreneur: the person who acts in the practice of a profession or business and a has a contract with The Hendrik's Tasty;
1.4. Customer: the Consumer or Entrepreneur with whom The Hendrik's Tasty makes a (purchase) agreement, or the one who gives the order and to whom the products and / or services are delivered;
1.5. Agreement: The agreement between Customer and The Hendrik's Tasty, created by mutual acceptance for the delivery of products and / or services by The Hendrik's Tasty, or a legal act which shows that the Customer confirms to use the products and / or services offered by The Hendrik's Tasty;
1.6. Distance contract : an agreement whereby a digitally organised system of The Hendrik's Tasty makes use of techniques and communication at a distance for the selling of products and/or services at a distance;
1.7. Website: www.thehendrikstasty.com, the website of The Hendrik's Tasty where the Customer can place an order for delivery of products and/or services.


2. Applicability of these general terms and conditions

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers of The Hendrik's Tasty and any agreement reached (at a distance) between the Customer and The Hendrik's Tasty.
2.2. Before the distance contract is concluded with a Consumer, the text of these general terms and conditions will be made available to the Consumer by ordinary or electronic means. If this is not possible due to circumstances, The Hendrik's Tasty will indicate how the general terms and conditions can be viewed (electronically) and that the general terms and conditions will be sent to the Consumer (electronically) as soon as possible and free of charge before the distance contract is concluded.
2.3. The terms and conditions of the Customer are not applicable on the agreement with The Hendrik’s Tasty , unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2.4. The Customer and The Hendrik's Tasty can only deviate from these general conditions if this has been agreed upon in writing.
2.5. All persons who work or have worked for or on behalf of The Hendrik's Tasty can refer to these general terms.


3. Offer

3.1. The Website contains a complete and accurate description of the products and/or services offered.
3.2. If The Hendrik's Tasty uses images, these are a real representation of the offered products, services and/or digital content.
3.3. If an offer has a limited validity or is made under conditions, this will be explicitly mentioned in the offer.
3.4. The Hendrik's Tasty cannot be held to its offer if the offer or a part of it contains an obvious mistake or obvious errors and the Customer could reasonably understand that.


 Processing purpose

Legal basis

To deliver goods and services to you

Because this is necessary for the execution of a contract

To offer you the possibility to create an account

Because this is necessary for the execution of a contract

The processing of your payment

Because this is necessary for the execution of a contract


We will keep your data for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it is processed or to comply with the legal storage requirements. How long we keep data for will depend on the purposes for which we have collected it and use it, or the requirements of applicable law. In any event, The Hendrik's Tasty storages some personal data for up to 7 years in connection with the storage requirement under Tax Legislation.
The Hendrik's Tasty uses the following storage periods: